Supplemental Plan Rates and Applications

No plan out there will cover 100% of everything.  That is where supplemental policies play their role.  Rather than act as stand alone coverage, they enhance the policies that you currently have.  Accident policies, critical illness plans, even indemnity products all are able to cover a large expense that would normally leave you sweating about your $7000 deductible.  By having a full health package, you protect not only your health, but your pocketbook as well.

It is important to understand that not all major medical health insurance plans can be purchased with a premium tax credit.  However, your enrollment in a major medical health insurance plan does protect you from the potential tax penalties for being uninsured according to the individual mandate.

With many of the health insurance options changing, rates skyrocketing, networks shrinking and overall confusion about coverage is at a record high we recommend that you contact us and consult a licensed agent to assist with your application and plan selection.

Using an agent is 100% free to you as a consumer as rates are set by the carrier and we do not charge any additional costs during the enrollment process.