Obamacare Alternatives
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Obamacare Alternatives

Alternatives to Obamacare for Americans

We will help you understand all of your options under the new law and will be here to help you afterwards.

Alternatives to the Obamacare health insurance plans

 Miss Obamacare open enrollment? Didn't pay for your Obamacare plan? Lost your coverage? Not getting an Obamacare subsidy? Obamacare Too Expensive?


Many people didn't get or can't get an Obamacare plan, for a variety of reasons, or they didn't keep the plan they signed up for.

Does that describe you? Are you looking for an alternative to the Obamacare health exchange and expensive plans?

You don't have to be without protection. There are still options under the new Obamacare law and alternatives to purchasing Obamacare insurance.

Getting insurance is about finding a balance between coverage that lets you sleep well at night and premiums that let you eat during the day.

3 options for low cost protection for you and your family:

Request Consultation on Options and Alternatives to Obamacare

David Taxer Licensed Agent NPN# 16520021 Will Answer Your Questions. Health and Life Licenses held for OR, WA, CA, AZ, TX, MI, OH, PA, VA, NC, and SC. 



As a Licensed Agent I can explain how  the ACA works and what your options and alternatives are. 

Purchasing these coverages could subject you to a tax-penalty

All Information Submited on this website is Private and NOT Sold to Hundreds of Insurance Agents LIKE OTHER SITES. 

Obamacare Alternatives Quotes and Rates Go Here

Obamacare Alternatives for Individuals and Families

Portland Benefits Group generally recommends Short Term Medical Insurance as an alternative to the costly Obamacare health insurance. The coverage is similar except the short term insurance does not include the mandatory preventive care that Obamacare requires. STM is the best alternative to Obamacare. It is about half the cost of Obamacare insurance and has far lower deductible available. Rates can be viewed here


Obamacare Alternatives for Employers









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Don’t take a chance on fouling up the application and ending up having to pay a high tax penalty because your application didn’t go through, missing out on thousands of dollars in subsidies that you are entitled to, or getting a plan that doesn’t allow you to go to the doctors you want.