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Portland, Oregon health insurance brokers with Portland Benefits Group will help you.

Local agents as seen on KATU News. We will help you understand all of your options for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. We will get you the quotes and help you with the applications, and afterward, we will still be here. If you have a question or a claim your agent will help you. We work with all of Oregon’s health insurance companies as well as the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace, otherwise known as the federal health exchange. 

Oregon Health Life insurance Agent

Oregon Health Life insurance Agent

Call us today at 503-828-1970 to review your insurance options under the Affordable Care Act. Our agents will listen to your needs and then recommend the best fitting company and health plans for you out of ALL of your choices.

If you need help with your health insurance then you probably need an insurance agent. Our Portland Benefits Group agents have access to all of the best health plans and companies available, as well as the most up to date information on Obamacare. We are a Licensed Oregon Health Insurance Agency and do business with all major health insurance companies. We are experts on Obamacare and the health exchanges and can assist you with getting a tax credit through Cover Oregon or we can help you look at private insurance options not purchased through the Obamacare health exchanges.  Afterward, your Portland Benefits Group health insurance agent will be here for you. Whenever you have a question or a claim you don’t have to call an insurance company, we’ll help you.

Portland Benefits Group is an independent health insurance agency in Portland, Oregon. Our Portland health insurance agents work with all of the health insurance companies that do business in Portland. We will help you with private coverage or can help you use the health exchange.


Portland Health Insurance Agent

Portland Health Insurance Agent

All information submitted on this website is private and NOT sold to hundreds of health insurance agents LIKE OTHER SITES. 

Health and Life Insurance Agent Free Instant Online Rates Portland

Health and Life Insurance Agent Free Instant Online Rates Portland

Choosing a Health Insurance Agent in Portland:

Dear Insurance Shopper,

These days, with high insurance premiums and high deductibles, the secret to getting good health insurance is to find a balance between coverage that lets you sleep well at night with premiums that let you eat during the day. A good health insurance agent can help you find that balance by advising you on all of your options under the law, from using the health exchange to helping you purchase health insurance privately outside of the Obamacare healthcare exchanges.

For a consultation call us at 503-828-1970 and we will assist you in finding the best coverage available.

Using a Portland Health Insurance Agent to enroll through the FFM (Healthcare.gov):

PBG Agents will fill out your entire health exchange application for you. Our relationships with the Oregon insurance carriers allows us to guarantee that your application will be received by the insurance company in a timely fashion, regardless of any issues the exchange may have, like last year’s Cover Oregon debacle. Applying through theFederally Facilitated Marketplace (health exchange) is the ONLY WAY to receive any financial assistance (premium subsidies, reduced deductibles, etc.) that you are entitled to.  The application requires accurate predictions of your next year’s income and your agent can advise you on how to get all the benefits you are entitled to without having to jump through hoops or submit additional information to the exchange later. A licensed health insurance agent can advise you on the size of your premium subsidy as well as what strategies should be taken to get you the lowest rates and the lowest risk. Use an agent. Get your health insurance right the first time. 

Why Use A Portland Health Insurance Agent

When you are looking for information on health plans, obamacare, and your options, a Portland Benefits Group health insurance agent can help. Our Health Insurance Agents will help you select the best health plan for you and then help you submit the online application over the phone. We are an independent agency and our agents work with all health insurance companies doing business in the Portland area. We are not captive to any particular company and will always recommend the best fit for your needs and budget out of all of the options available.

How are Health Insurance Agents Paid in Portland?

Portland Health Insurance Agents are compensated by the insurance carrier. Our assistance is completely free and the rates you will get from us are exactly the same as if you called all of the insurance companies oyurself. Rates are fixed by law and are exactly the same whether you use an agent or call an insurance company directly.  

Best Health Insurance Agent Portland

Portland Health Insurance Agency Portland Benefits Group has the resources and product selection you need. We work with every health insurance company in Oregon. We will help you get the best plans and rates and after the sale we will still be here to help you. Our partnerships give us access to all of the best health insurance plans in Portland, Oregon like Lifewise Health Plan Of Oregon, Assurant Health, Moda Health, Providence Health Plans, Bridgespan (Regence), Health Republic, Pacificsource, Oregon’s Health Co-Op and more. 

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Obamacare is confusing and if you choose the wrong plan you could be forfeiting thousands of dollars in government assistance. We can help you understand all of your options under the new law, and assist you with the Cover Portland application process.