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Portland Benefits Group is an independent health and life insurance agency as seen on KATU news and in The Oregonian. Our assistance is completely free and the rates you get using an agent are the same as if you called an insurance company yourself. We work with every insurance company offering health insurance in Oregon and our expert agents are also certified to assist clients eligible for assistance through the Federally-Facilitated Marketplace (FFM), otherwise known as the federal health exchange.  By shopping the entire market for you, we find the best combination of plans and rates from the top insurers for our clients. Portland Benefits Group agents have helped thousands of people navigate a confusing (and ever-changing) health insurance system, and after you enroll, we’ll still be here when you have a question or a claim. 

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Request help with your insurance application and plans selection

Call 503-828-1970 To discuss your insurance situation with one of our licensed agents.

Portland Benefits Group is a Licensed Health Insurance Agency. We can assist you with your healthcare.gov application for health insurance and explain the benefits of any health plan on Cover Oregon. Click Here to view rates on our website.

Oregon Health Insurance Application Assistance

Need help applying for health insurance with Cover Oregon or the federal Health Insurance Marketplace for your health insurance and healthcare subsidy? Many people do. The applications are complicated and so is selecting a health plan, especially in today’s world of smaller health networks, higher copays, and extremely high out of network deductibles. Portland Benefits Group can solve all of your problems. As licensed agents, we can help you shop for health plans and then do your entire health insurance application for you over the phone, so that by the end of a 30 minute call you will have shopped all options and be enrolled in health insurance.

Health insurance applications in Oregon have required a special touch and often resubmission by agents like myself due to Cover Oregon’s issues. For those of us who have been doing this since the beginning, checking on applications after submission and identifying and solving issues has become a scheduled routine for the percentage of applications requiring TLC.

Call us today and your health insurance application can be completed in as little as 10 minutes in most cases. Shopping and explaining differences between plans can take 20 more and involves discussing your medical needs, history, and therefore your expected use of the insurance. If you take prescriptions, we’ll make sure they’re covered. If you have a specialist, we’ll make sure we choose a plan that lets you see them. It’s just part of a day’s work for us.

Why Use A Health Marketplace Agent To Submit Your Application

In Oregon, using an agent is almost the only way to apply for health insurance without having to fill out a paper application. CoverOregon.com’s online e-applications is actually just a paper application opened in Adobe that lets you edit it and then email it in. The application does not correct or detect any errors because of what it is, and that is why Cover Oregon is in the hot water they are in.

The only e-apps available are through agents and “navigators.” The difference is that navigators are not licensed to discuss insurance companies, plans, or networks and therefore mostly function to process Medicaid enrollments. Only agents can help you apply and answer questions about how health plans work and what is covered.


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Assistance with your Health Insurance Application:

Dear Insurance Shopper,

With rising insurance costs and high deductibles, getting good insurance is about balancing coverage that lets you sleep well at night and premiums that let you live during the day. We can help you understand all of your options under Obamacare so that you can make the best decision out of your options..

If you do not qualify for Obamacare’s financial assistance with your health insurance then there are still affordable plans you can get and avoid the penalty. If those are still unaffordable there are other alternatives without the required preventative care, that give you coverage, but may subject you to the penalty. These much less expensive plans, even with the penalty, are generally less expensive than Obamacare plans. Another way to reduce costs is to combine a less expensive Bronze plan with gap insurance.

For information on options and alternatives to the health exchange and plan options check out our obamacare alternatives page, where we discuss short-term medical insurance and other forms of health insurance exempt from the ACA

For a consultation please call our office at 503-828-1970 and one of our experienced agents will be glad to assist you.


Obamacare Alternatives: 3 options for low-cost protection for you and your family:

Portland Benefits Group Will Assist You With Health Insurance Plans And Applications From ANY Carrier in Oregon

Obamacare is confusing and if you choose the wrong plan you could be forfeiting thousands of dollars in government assistance.

We can help you understand all of your options under the new law, and assist you with the application process.


As a Licensed and Marketplace Certified Health and Life Agent I can submit your insurance application electronically. Agents like myself have been able to do so since late November despite Cover Oregon’s issues with the consumer side of the website. I can show you the plans, discuss networks, and let you know if tax credits and reduced premiums are available for you through the health exchange, or help you shop privately if you are not eligible for a subsidy.


Direct Line to PBG: 503-828-1970

Why Use A Health Insurance Agent

If you are shopping for an individual plan, a licensed health insurance agent can help. Agents can help you compare plans, fill out an insurance company’s application and assist with claims.

How are Agents Paid?

Agents are paid by insurance carriers. Our fees are already built into the cost of the premium as per law. That means you don’t pay any more for insurance if you use an agent. Rates are fixed by law. You cannot get better rates elsewhere.

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