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Expert health insurance agents in Oregon as seen on KATU News. Using an agent is completely free and the rates you get are the same as if you called an insurance company directly. Our agents will explain all of your options under the Affordable Care Act and can run quotes with any insurance company in Oregon. All of our Oregon agents are certified to assist clients with applying through the FFM, or federal health exchange, and afterward, if you ever have a question or a claim, you have someone to call.

Oregon Health Insurance Agency PBG

Oregon Health Insurance Agency PBG

Call 503-828-1970 To speak with a licensed Oregon Health Insurance Agent.

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All Information submitted on this website is private and NOT sold to hundreds of insurance agents LIKE OTHER SITES. 

Health and Life Insurance Agent Free Instant Online Rates Portland

Health and Life Insurance Agent Free Instant Online Rates Portland

Choosing a Health Insurance Agent in Oregon:

Dear Shopper,

If you are reading this page then you are probably looking for a Health Insurance Agent in Oregon. Choosing a good health insurance agent is a very important choice for you and your family. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients by providing superior customer service and true expertise in insurance and health care matters. We will explain all of your options under the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare so you can choose the best health plan for your needs and budget.

Our agents specialize in individual and family health insurance, small group coverage, supplemental medical insurance like a dental accident, and critical illness coverage, as well as short term medical insurance.

We can handle your entire FFM (Federal Health Exchange) application for you, ensuring it goes through quickly and painlessly and can advise you on how to activate a special enrollment period if you lose coverage or experience a familial change outside of open enrollment. During open enrollment, we process applications on an extended schedule.

There’s nothing we don’t know about health insurance or cannot find the answer to. Our partnerships with Oregon’s insurance carriers gives us the best and most up to date information. Our agents are the most educated on the ACA and the health insurance companies available in Oregon. We will get you the quotes and brochures, help you with the applications, and afterward we will still be here to help you whenever you have a claim or question. That’s my commitment to you.

We know health insurance!

To get help immediate help with your insurance, contact a Portland Benefits Group agent. Only a licensed health insurance agent can discuss plan differences and the advantages and disadvantages of different insurance plans and companies. Health insurance is complicated; policies still have exemptions and employment exclusions even under the Affordable Care Act. By working with all the insurance companies, our Portland Benefits Group agents are able to offer you the best health plans and companies for your needs and budget. Our agents have appeared on KATU news and have been interviewed by The Oregonian. We’ll help you get the best balance of cost and coverage out of all of your options, and will be here afterward to continue to help you. When you have a claim or question, call us and we’ll help you.

Portland Benefits Group is an independent health and life insurance agency in Oregon. View online health insurance rates on our website or call us and we’ll handle everything for you.


Call 503-828-1970 for immediate assistance

PBG Oregon Health Insurance Agent Page -Secure Quotes

PBG Oregon Health Insurance Agent Page - Secure Quotes

Using an Insurance Agent to apply through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace:

Portland Benefits Group’s Oregon insurance agents are certified by CMS to work with the federally-facilitated marketplace, otherwise known as the federal health exchange. We can assist you with choosing a health plan and applying through the health exchange. Our free service includes going over the cost, coverage, and network differences between different health plans and insurance companies with you. Since we are an Independent Oregon Insurance Agency, we are able to recommend the health plan from the insurance company that best fits your insurance needs. Our agents will explain how the coverage works and what real-life scenarios would look like.

Health plans from the same company often have different networks for different rates. We will make sure you can go to your closest hospitals as well as Oregon’s best hospitals. We will make sure you can keep your doctors and have many provider options in your area.

After you choose a plan and, we will help you apply for the coverage using a short, paperless application that ensures no lost signatures or inconveniences to getting your insurance. Our agents blend cutting edge technology with old-fashioned customer service in order to make your health insurance shopping simple and easy.

Keep in mind that if you are not eligible for assistance through the health exchange because you make too much money that private Qualified Health Plans can be purchased without having to submit an application through the health exchange. For off-exchange health insurance, call us directly. Qualified health plans purchased outside the health exchange will often have a wider variety of deductibles and benefits to choose from as well as larger networks than plans purchased through the exchange.

How are Health Insurance Agents Paid in Oregon?

Health Insurance Agent’s fees are paid by the insurance company. Our assistance is completely free to the consumer and the rates you will get from us are exactly the same as if you called an insurance company yourself.

Best Health Insurance Agent Oregon

Portland Benefits Group is the Oregon Health Insurance Agency with the product selection and experience you need. We have been on tv and in the newspaper to discuss the health exchanges and the changes to health insurance that have occurred since the passage of the ACA. We work with all of the health insurance companies doing business in Oregon such as Providence Health Plans, Lifewise Health Plan Of Oregon, Moda Health, Health Republic, Assurant Health, Kaiser, Bridgespan (Regence), Pacificsource, Oregon’s Health Co-Op and more. 

Direct Line to PBG: 503-828-1970

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Obamacare is confusing and if you choose the wrong plan you could be forfeiting thousands of dollars in government assistance. We can help you understand all of your options under the new law, and assist you with the application process. 

Portland Benefits Group’s Licensed Insurance Agents Will Assist You With Health Insurance Plans And Applications From ANY Insurer in Portland