Begin your health insurance enrollment today.

Choosing a health insurance plan is difficult. There are many moving parts to most plans, and they are not all created equal. There may also be tax liabilities that can potentially cause problems later down the road if you are not careful and enroll yourself in the wrong plan.

Don’t let yourself fall into trouble because you wanted to handle this problem on your own. We have highly trained insurance agents who are licensed in multiple states to assist. One of the many benefits of working with a broker is that we are unbiased in the industry. Meaning that we advise on the right policy for your individual needs. We never charge any broker fee’s or extra enrollment costs either so don’t think by using our services you will be adding cost.

Portland Benefits Group is Portland’s premier insurance source for anyone looking to become insured. Our enrollment specialists will save you time and money by easily narrowing down your search into easy to understand terms. Let’s face it, nobody has the time to go through every network and plan that is out there so let us help make this process simple.

If you are like many individuals out there who have pre-existing conditions, this is the place to start.  Major Medical plans are offered during the open enrollment period (November 1st – December 15th) and under certain special enrollment periods.  These can be from a number of different reasons not limited to:

  • Loss of employer-sponsored coverage
  • Marriage or Divorce
  • Birth of a child
  • A permanent move to a new ZIP code
  • Release from incarceration

Short-Term plans are just what they sound like, a plan that has a deductible and out of pocket cap for a set period of time.  There are many different forms of Short Term Medical plans that do not need to end after only 90 days of coverage.  This depends primarily on the state you are purchasing in, but can also be affected by which carrier you go with.  You may be interested in this route if you:

  • Need temporary coverage until your new plan starts
  • Are unable to afford Major Medical coverage and do not need the “extras” embedded into those plans
  • Need a stronger network that the Major Medical plans do not offer

Private health plans are a mixed bag of options that may appeal to those who do not qualify for subsidized Major Medical plans.  These plans are directly through the carrier and often times offer a better network than the ACA (Affordable Care Act) plans through the exchange.  Group coverage often times may fall into this category, but it is not a requirement.

Health Share plans may seem like a new concept, but they have been around for a long time.  They are funded and based on member sharing responsibility that all members pay into as monthly membership dues.  There are great companies out there that are financially backed and as a result, means a more fiscally responsible program to become a member of.  These are a great option for those looking for:

  • Alternative options to Major Medical plans
  • Like-minded individuals and groups wanting a dedicated plan that suits their needs
  • Lower cost options that still provide a cap on catastrophic events
  • A permanent option that provides very similar benefits such as Major Medical plans

Supplemental plans help protect you from your deductible and out of pocket costs.  Over 40 million individuals in the United States are admitted to the ER for an accident related incident per year.  Often times your health plan will have an insanely high deductible ($7000 or more).  We have the policies that can pick up the slack where your current coverage leaves you vulnerable.  

Healthcare bills still to this day are the number one reason for bankruptcy in America.  Often times, even with the coverage it is simply not enough due to the climbing costs of care and treatment.  Even if you can cover your initial costs, the time out of work and recovery time can leave a family financially broken.  We have the plans to help put money back in your pocket so that bills are not a factor in your recovery.

  • Accident coverage for injuries
  • Critical illness protection for common risks (heart attack, cancer, stroke, renal kidney failure, etc.)
  • Hospital indemnity protection
  • Fixed benefit coverage to assist with common medical bills and admissions to the hospital