An Expensive Trip To The Beach

You load up the family and head to the coast, leaving behind your urban sprawl of Portland, or possibly heading out for a weekend adventure to cool off from your busy school schedule. You lucked out in that the weather is great, the traffic was manageable and you grabbed lunch on your way down to the beach.  You post up on the sand next to a giant log which seems sturdy enough, just the right size to rest up against. Unfortunately, that log was not as stable as you thought and when the other members of your party try to sit down, the log rolls backward right across your ankle.

Your family scrambles to roll the log off of your leg, other beachgoers rush to help. Once they are able to free your leg you realize that your foot and ankle are very clearly broken and you need to go to the hospital. This could have been much worse, but you still need to get treatment.

Your trip to the emergency room feels rushed, you were only in there a short while. The nurses rush you back to a room right away, where you are given some pain killers. The doctor fixes you up the best they can and casts your foot and lower leg. You exchange your insurance information with the nurse and feel relieved that this was not as bad as it could have been. You go home and rest.

However, this story does not have a happy ending.

You receive a bill shortly afterward and feel like that log just rolled through your living room wall. You have never seen so many zeros in your life. Physician fee, admittance fee, room fee, medication and RX charges… there must be some mistake, you have insurance, you signed up for a Marketplace plan. You thought you were covered, and you were, just not where you thought you were.


Stories like this happen all of the time, you look at your deductible, you fine-tuned your co-payments and your co-insurance. You checked to see that your doctors were covered, your prescriptions were managed. What more do you need? With the removal of most PPO provider options out there, you forgot (or never knew) that your network coverage only extends to the Portland metro area, and that trip to the beach now became a very expensive trip.

Many of the plans do not have coverage for out of network services, meaning that your deductible, max out of pocket, and charges you would normally pay go out the window. You are now stuck with this large medical bill. How are you going to pay for this? You already had to take a week off of work to recover and bills are tight as is.

This is why you need accident coverage. A secondary policy that covers you, regardless of where you are, or which network you are in. These plans are typically very inexpensive and can cover you and the family in the event of an accident.

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons individuals go to the emergency room or urgent care is due to an injury. Slips and falls, burns, cuts or even logs rolling over you.  The way that an accident policy works is that once you have suffered from an injury, you call up your carrier and file a claim. They have you fill out the required documents and send you a corresponding check for the amount that you were covered for.

EXAMPLE: You have a $10,000 policy, your charges are $7,500 for your injury-related services. They send you a check for the $7,500 to cover your costs. No more digging into your reserve funds or declaring bankruptcy over medical bills.

Don’t let an accident ruin your financial future, protect your family today with a tailored accident plan based around your needs. Speak with a licensed professional today to review your options.

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