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Obamacare is confusing and if you choose the wrong plan you could be forfeiting thousands of dollars in government assistance. We can help you understand all of your options under the new law, and assist you with the application process. 

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We are licensed agents certified with the federally-facilitated marketplace, or FFM. Our agents can explain how the ACA works and let you know if Tax Credits and Reduced premiums are available, and what Health Insurance will cost for you from the health exchange and on the private market circumventing the exchange. Buying off-exchange means you won’t get cost assistance, however, you will have better networks and more plan varieties to choose from. 

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Affordable Oregon Health Insurance Shopping

You will find more options than ever before to locate affordable medical health insurance. You can get your local phonebook and check for insurance providers that offer medical health insurance coverage or you might get on the internet and quickly find online internet sites for medical health insurance quotes for your health insurance shopping needs in Oregon, where you are probably doing your health insurance quote shopping from, online. The word insurance is mentioned almost 50 times now on this page, which is why you were able to find it online, searching for health insurance quotes in Oregon or something similar to that. See? I did it again. If you’re still reading this, just call and let us help you with your health insurance. It’s quicker and easier than any other option, hands down.

Only trying to find affordable medical health insurance can result in gaps inside your medical health insurance coverage. When searching for affordable medical health insurance coverage, you have to not only consider the cost of the medical health insurance quote but additionally understand which kind of medical health insurance coverage you are receiving.

Here are five steps that will help you not just find affordable medical health insurance coverage but also understand some basics in looking for a plan that suits your needs.

1. What Type of Medical Health Insurance Coverage Do You want?

When you begin your research for reasonable healthcare coverage, many people frequently opt for the very first cheap medical health insurance quote and do not do enough research to get the best medical health insurance coverage for his or her needs. Your well-being insurance policy options depend greatly on your pre-existing conditions. Some common things to ask yourself when selecting a plan, or hearing about options:

  • Is this going to be temporary?
  • Do I need extended coverage for sick family members?
  • Am I protected against a catastrophic event?
  • Is the area network large enough for my needs?

By understanding what is it that you are looking for, you can quickly narrow down your searches into a specific type of insurance plan that fits your needs.

2. Selecting a reputable health Insurance provider:

Now you learn more regarding your medical health insurance needs, it’s time to consider finding an insurance provider that delivers the very best medical health insurance coverage to your requirements. Learning more about the financial strength of the insurance company is essential. Also, the easiest method to get the best medical health insurance coverage for you personally would be to learn to compare key areas in healthcare insurance that’s vital that you.

3. Making the phone call:

Now that you have an idea on what you are looking for out of your insurance plan, it’s time to bit the bullet and make your phone call. Be careful however in reaching out to some of these fly by night agencies. Many websites out there are actually lead vendors who sell your information to the highest bidder or worse, to multiple bidders. This results in your phone becoming inundated with calls with savage agencies grabbing for your wallet. Make sure when you decide to call, you reach out to an established agency that you can trust will not distribute your information.

(Hint: Call us at Portland Benefits Group directly – 503-828-1970)

4. Understanding your new insurance policy:

Now that you’ve got your insurance policy, be ready and take time to understand your insurance coverages. It is usually better to take a look at a medical health insurance plan together with the agent while you were shopping however once you receive your insurance packet, take the time to go through and double check everything lines up with what you were told by the agent. Many times a simple misunderstanding can be cleared up immediately but only if you catch it before it becomes a problem. Most medical health insurance information packets appear overwhelming to the average consumer, your agent should be available to assist with any questions you may have.

5. Keep in touch:

Once you have your plan purchased and you have read through your informational packet that was sent over during the enrollment period, whats the next step? Hopefully you never even need to use your coverage but something may come up and you may need advice on how to handle a situation. Common things clients ask are:

  • Who should I contact for a claim?
  • Will this facility be in my network?
  • Are my preventive visits covered under this plan?
  • Where can I find a list of doctors in the network?

You should always have access to the agency that enrolled you in your plan. While the agents may not be the best resource for specific medical questions, they can certainly direct you in the right area. Keep in mind that typically agents do not work at the specific carrier you are enrolled in, they are just experts in the field assisting with enrolling and partnering with the providers. If your agency is not returning your calls, or you feel like you want a more professional team handling your enrollments, give us a call and see what we can do for you today.

Filing a claim:

Most hospitals will file your insurance claim for you personally and merely ask you for the policy number. Then you are meant to pay upfront based on your wellbeing insurance policy deductible and out of pocket expenses. Sometimes though you will have to file your insurance claim yourself. A good example of this type of time could be if you chose to visit a physician that’s not inside your medical health insurance plan’s accepted network of doctors you should use. If you discover you have to file your insurance claim yourself, generally you will have to spend the money upfront for your chosen physician or specialist. Then you will have to get yourself a form out of your insurance provider and complete the right information to file for your claim requesting a reimbursement. In the case that your claim qualifies, your wellbeing insurance provider will reimburse, or give back the quantity of the claim that’s covered beneath your health insurance plan.

If you want to challenge your insurance company’s choices because a medical health insurance claim was refused, you should possess a handy record of methods carried out. Keeping an individual medical log is going to be useful. If you don’t have group insurance using your workplace you need to organize your personal medical health insurance. This really is known as individual medical care coverage which is primary health care insurance coverage designed for those who do not have medical health insurance coverage through their employer or any other group. Individual medical insurance enables you to decide on the program that’s good for you. With optional coverage, you are able to further personalize your plan into a truly affordable option.

It’s comprehensive medical health insurance coverage that provides you use of the thing you need when it’s needed. Search for a health insurance agent who can assist you to figure out what features and plan design is worth considering – to help you safeguard yourself and your loved ones. And request from them any recommendations for some affordable options for your insurance needs. You will need the next products to become fully covered in a health insurance plan you purchase to help protect against a higher deductible or even those tricky out of pocket costs in the event you are denied a claim.
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Portland Benefits Group Oregon Health Insurance Quotes

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Portland Benefits Group is a full-service health insurance agency and has been featured on KATU and in The Oregonian. We work with all of Oregon’s health insurance companies and are certified to process applications through the Marketplace. View health insurance rates and online applications on our website or call us today with any questions about health insurance. Our assistance is completely free as per the Affordable Care Act

All Information Submitted on this website is Private and NOT Sold to Hundreds of Insurance Agents LIKE OTHER SITES.

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Using a Health Insurance Agency to help you shop for health insurance quotes is completely free. Rates are fixed by law so the rates you see here are exactly the same as the rates you would get going directly to an insurance company, guaranteed!


Finding Affordable Health in Quotes in Oregon

Shopping for affordable health insurance in Oregon is getting easier. You can locate affordable medical health insurance quotes through our website for free. Portland Benefits Group works with all of the health insurance companies in Oregon, such as the Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon, Providence Health Plans, Kaiser Permanente, PacificSource, Assurant Health, Oregon’s Health Co-op, Regence BlueCross BlueShield, Health Republic and more. The quotes you get from us are exactly the same as you would get going directly to each insurer. More importantly, since we are Certified by the Federally Facilitated Marketplace, otherwise known as the Federal Health Care Exchange, and by Cover Oregon, the rates you get from us are the lowest allowed by law. When you work with us you are also guaranteed to get the largest subsidy that you are entitled to under the Healthcare Reform Law. Click the link above to view quotes from all of Oregon’s health insurance companies. 

Cheap Oregon Health Insurance Quotes

You can easily find the cheapest health insurance in Oregon through our website. All health plans from all carriers are organized first by company, and then by price. A Bronze plan can be as little as half the cost of purchasing a Gold or Platinum plan and often times the out-of-pocket maximum (co-insurance maximum) is the same between Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Unless, of course, you qualify for cost sharing on a silver or higher plan on the health exchange.

A big question that many shoppers face is the difference between plans that are inexpensive, and plans that provide great value. A bronze plan may be cheap, but it might not be your best value. If your income falls below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level, which is about $60,000 for a family of four, in addition to subsidies to help you pay for your health insurance, you will also qualify for COST SHARING assistance from the government to lower your deductible, copays, and out of pocket maximum. Please call for assistance with estimating your elgiblity for assistance through the health exchange. However, you only get the cost sharing when you buy a Silver level plan or better. 

So here’s how that might look to a typical health insurance shopper. Let’s take a fairly typical family we deal with in our Portland office. Husband 35, wife 32, and two children, ages 8 and 6, with a household income of $40,000. The cheapest Bronze plan they could get through would be a Lifewise plan for $87 with their subsidy. For that they would have a family deductible of $10,500, and would only get discounts when they went to the doctor before their deductible is met, instead of having copays to make those doctors appointmnents more affordable.

However, if this same family stepped up to a Providence Silver plan, the premium would be $157/mo., with their subsidy, but their family deductible would only be $1,000, and they would only pay $10 to see a primary care doctor. In the long run, even though their premium is higher, the more expensive plan is a much better value and packs tremendous bang for the buck.

In looking at these comparison quotes there is no one hard answer for everyone. Each situation is unique. If you have a family or you’re over 40, you would probably want the better level of coverage. If you’re young, healthy, and single, you would probably opt for the cheaper health insurance quote.

Our agents are specially trained and Certified by the exchanges to help you obtain health insurance quotes, evaluate those quotes, and assist you in choosing the best plan for your needs and your budget. Once we have helped you select the best plan available for your unique situation, we will then help you throughout the application process. You won’t have to go it alone. So give us a call immediately.

Additinally, generous health exchange subsidies may be available for you. These subsidies pay part of your premium for you, so you only pay the difference. Keep this in mind when you view quotes and call us at 503-828-1970 to discuss your options.

Quotes For Health Plans in Oregon

Portland Benefits Group represents all major health insurance providers that provide health plans in Oregon. There is no additional cost for our service; the rates are the same whether you sort through all the options yourself or let us help you find the best plan for your needs.

This link will take you to our private quoting platform. Any data entered will be kept private and not shared with other agencies.

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Obamacare is confusing and if you choose the wrong plan you could be forfeiting thousands of dollars in government assistance. We can help you understand all of your options under the new law, and assist you with the Cover Portland application process. 

Portland Health Insurance Agents will answer your questions and get you enrolled today.


A Licensed Health Insurance Agent is free to use and can explain plans, discuss networks, calculate any financial assistance you are eligible for and then help you apply either through the exchange or directly with an insurance company.