About Us

Who we are

The Founders and Agents of Portland Benefits Group bring over 100 years of insurance industry experience to serving our clients needs.

Over these many years of experience, we have worked in all the different kinds of insurance sales offices, from being independent agents to working for large carriers and brokerages.

We saw firsthand the shortcomings of each of those approaches. Small, independent agents don’t have the wide range of products and services to offer, and in larger agencies, and especially in the large call centers that have sprung up, agents come and go so fast you never can reach the agent who helped you, you don’t get truly personalized service, and the broker owns the business, so even if your agent is still there when you have a question or need help with your policy, they have no incentive to continue to service the policy they sold you.

We decided to build an agency that offers the extensive products and services of a large agency, with the personalized service of an experienced agent who is your agent and always will be.

What we do

We are committed to finding the best coverage at the most affordable rates, and doing so in a manner that addresses your needs in an ethical manner.

We are your free resource for coverage

When your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic.  If your bathroom is flooding with water, you call a plumber.  We are experts in the field and offer our services free of charge to our clients.  We do not charge broker fee’s or add anything extra to the cost of the plan.

We are unbiased in the industry

We are an unbiased broker, which grants us the opportunity to really find the plan that suits YOU.  Many other agencies out there push a specific product that pays the most.  We do whats right for you and we have all the options.

We have the best rates on plans

By offering as many “A” rated carriers we can make sure we offer the best prices in the industry.  Many prices are set and mandated by the carrier, but since we do not charge any additional fee’s to you we can offer a lower enrollment cost compared to other agencies that just want your money.

We make getting coverage simple

Shopping for new coverage is confusing, there is a lot of consider.  Allow our trained professionals to make the entire process as simple as possible.  We will go through and find the best fit for your needs and explain benefits in a manner that leaves you well informed and feeling good about  your decision. 


  • “I’m thrilled with the insurance plan I walked away with- I actually feel like I’m getting something for my money. Highly recommend Chris and his company if you have the unfortunate task of shopping for health insurance!”

    Kelsey, Client

  • “Thanks a lot Patrick for your time and assistance! Highly recommend Portland Benefits Group to find a right coverage for you! Thanks again guys!”

    Hrach, Client

  • “David is an amazing resource! As an agent myself he is my go to person whenever I have questions! He’s very knowledgeable and always willing to help a colleague. He will take very good care of you!”

    Knicole, Licensed Insurance Agent

  • “You are extremely talented and the best! You were a major help! Couldn’t have done it without you!”

    Sydney, Client

How We Work


Gather Information

Our highly trained agents are there to understand your current situation.  Are you in the middle of losing your coverage?  Did you just recently move? Are you just paying too much for your existing plan?  The first step in our process is understanding what you need.


Offer Solutions

Once we understand what your needs are, the next step is showing you options.  Based on your situation we will offer realistic solutions to address your concerns.  Since we are brokered with all of the major carriers we will have a plan that can fit anyone’s need.


Enroll in Coverage

We found a plan that works, now what?  Our agents will then take you through the enrollment process and make the transition as easy as possible.  Not only do we make shopping easy, but we make the enrollment a breeze as well.  Don’t worry about filing paperwork the correct way, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Let’s talk about your coverage